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Brasov and Poiana BrasovDid you know that Brasov is one of the best kept medieval cities in Europe? Much of the old town was restored in recent years, which resulted in an increase in the number of tourists. But tourism is growing not only because the city's rich history, but also because of the reputation that the city has for lovely scenery and is located in Transylvania, the foothills of the Carpathians. That’s why Brasov, unlike other tourist cities, is a perfect holiday destination both in summer and winter! When you arrive in Brasov, make sure you have several days to, because you should not miss the opportunity to visit the surroundings: Poiana Brasov, one of the most popular winter resort in Romania, Bran, where you can visit the "Dracula" castle and enjoy the fresh mountain air, or Sinaia, Romania's former King residence, where you can visit the Peles Castle.



Piatra MareRoute starts from the top post of the Upper Timis on the forest road of the Timis Valley. On the right stands the path marked with blue stripe crossing the water and climb the top of Bath Small separating the Lower Valley Sec Timis career. From here we glimpse the summit of the mountain limestone. It goes on the river pebbles to reach the waterfall keys and Tamina, where steep walls and high water cut of 50 m of bed. Continue about 200 m Valley pebbles, then cross the water and climb to the foot Galbezei. It exceeds the ridge line to join the south-eastern slope of the mountain passing through a forest with small clearings and reaches to the meadows that form the Lower Sec Timis, where it comes from a mountain hollow. From here, you can cover the subalpine grassland, where flowers grow in abundance smirdar to reach the top large stones to 1843 m altitude, which offers an impressive view.



7 Stairs Canyon The Gorge Seven Stairs are located in the central-western of the Great Stone Mountain, at an average altitude of 980m, not far from the Timis Valley (Dambu Morii),on the course of the Seven Stairs brook, a tributary of left Sipoaiei Valley. They are the largest and most spectacular gorge in the whole area of Piatra Mare.

From the Topaz House you can go to the DN1 then go left on the Valley Sipoaia following yellow tape marking up the Canyon. The stairs have a length of 160m and a difference of 58m. Ladders metal contrasts with the limestone walls and clear water cascading down ample, with an impressive strength and vitality. The first step of the cascade, from the bottom up, has a height of 8m, followed by six steps. The third scale is the most spectacular, with over 35m high, and waterfall next to it you sprinkle a little early to climb.



The Adventure Park Ofers entertainment for all categories of people. The fun is waiting for both children and adults. The Adventure Park offers 100 games divided into eight routes with progressively difficulty. Both the people from Brasov and tourists can give the tiroliene, can climb or jump, using protective equipment and being supervised and guided by specialized personnel.